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Month: December 2016

3 Smart Drugs That Improve Cognitive Function

3 Smart Drugs That Improve Cognitive Function

smart drug reviewWhiles most people consider supplements for cognitive enhancement, such as herbs and other homeopathic alternatives, you can get a jump start by using these lab synthesized smart drugs to alter your brain for the better. The above statement may take convincing for you but it is very common in the realm of silicon valley entrepreneurs and high performing wall street executives that are leaving the rest of us behind in dust.

These are substances that have been tested and have a level of research and are definitely not considered research chemicals by any means. They are all legal and have anecdotal and scientific research to back their findings, consider adding them to your nootropic stack today.

The Afinil’s – The Titans of Smart Drugs

Adrafinil – The precursor to modafinil, this was originally sold by a French drug company as a wakefulness-promoting agent, it has fallen out to the newer Modafinil. Even Modafinil has now been ‘replaced’ with Armodafinil. The quick difference between these three titans? Armodafinil takes a bit longer to kick in and is effective for up to 15 hours, Modafinil kicks in within 20 minutes to 1 hour and is active for up to 12 hours, and Adrafinil is roughly the same with the exception of being a bit harsh on your liver, which may be offset by the supplementation of Milk Thistle. Adrafinil is actually available to purchase online and is also 1/10th the price of the other two drugs.

The OTC Supplement with Noopept

Lumonol – This supplement on the other hand is generally a otc supplement though it can’t actually be sold as one as it contains the synthetic drug Noopept which itself also is a derivative of the original parent compound Piracetam known to provide a mild boost in brain function. Generally Noopept has a bitter taste and is hard to swallow, however Lumonol supplement does an amazing job in stacking it with many other nootropics to provide a comprehensive cognitive boost in all aspects short or long-term.

Example being many times when users supplement Noopept or any other racetam they get a headache from not getting enough Choline. A supplement such as Lumonol eliminates this issue by actively providing the right dose of choline to offset side effects and increase any synergies that could exist.

Loose Weight and Increase Energy

Hordenine – Found in plants and can help with fat burning along with providing stimulation. Many a times we have the mental capacity, willpower, but just lack the energy to get things done. The regular go to supplement is Coffee for the rest of the world, but if you are looking for something a bit more potent, consider Hordenine.

It is considered a adrenergic drug, meaning it acts similar to substances that act on the neurotransmitter. It has another similarity to that of Adrafinil which is that it can also suppress appetite and help you loose weight as well. This is the cheapest supplement we are recommending, and it also has the least amount of research but the price and the anecdotal evidence may be enough to sway many to give this a shot.

Summary of drugs

Well there you have it, 3 substances that can help with cognition and two of which may also help you in loosing weight. If you want the most well researched drug consider Modafinil or its cheaper alternative Adrafinil, otherwise generally we recommend Lumonol. If these two are out of your price range and you feel like you can ‘take a risk’ consider trying Hordenine.

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