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3 Smart Drugs That Improve Cognitive Function

3 Smart Drugs That Improve Cognitive Function

smart drug reviewWhiles most people consider supplements for cognitive enhancement, such as herbs and other homeopathic alternatives, you can get a jump start by using these lab synthesized smart drugs to alter your brain for the better. The above statement may take convincing for you but it is very common in the realm of silicon valley entrepreneurs and high performing wall street executives that are leaving the rest of us behind in dust.

These are substances that have been tested and have a level of research and are definitely not considered research chemicals by any means. They are all legal and have anecdotal and scientific research to back their findings, consider adding them to your nootropic stack today.

The Afinil’s – The Titans of Smart Drugs

Adrafinil – The precursor to modafinil, this was originally sold by a French drug company as a wakefulness-promoting agent, it has fallen out to the newer Modafinil. Even Modafinil has now been ‘replaced’ with Armodafinil. The quick difference between these three titans? Armodafinil takes a bit longer to kick in and is effective for up to 15 hours, Modafinil kicks in within 20 minutes to 1 hour and is active for up to 12 hours, and Adrafinil is roughly the same with the exception of being a bit harsh on your liver, which may be offset by the supplementation of Milk Thistle. Adrafinil is actually available to purchase online and is also 1/10th the price of the other two drugs.

The OTC Supplement with Noopept

Lumonol – This supplement on the other hand is generally a otc supplement though it can’t actually be sold as one as it contains the synthetic drug Noopept which itself also is a derivative of the original parent compound Piracetam known to provide a mild boost in brain function. Generally Noopept has a bitter taste and is hard to swallow, however Lumonol supplement does an amazing job in stacking it with many other nootropics to provide a comprehensive cognitive boost in all aspects short or long-term.

Example being many times when users supplement Noopept or any other racetam they get a headache from not getting enough Choline. A supplement such as Lumonol eliminates this issue by actively providing the right dose of choline to offset side effects and increase any synergies that could exist.

Loose Weight and Increase Energy

Hordenine – Found in plants and can help with fat burning along with providing stimulation. Many a times we have the mental capacity, willpower, but just lack the energy to get things done. The regular go to supplement is Coffee for the rest of the world, but if you are looking for something a bit more potent, consider Hordenine.

It is considered a adrenergic drug, meaning it acts similar to substances that act on the neurotransmitter. It has another similarity to that of Adrafinil which is that it can also suppress appetite and help you loose weight as well. This is the cheapest supplement we are recommending, and it also has the least amount of research but the price and the anecdotal evidence may be enough to sway many to give this a shot.

Summary of drugs

Well there you have it, 3 substances that can help with cognition and two of which may also help you in loosing weight. If you want the most well researched drug consider Modafinil or its cheaper alternative Adrafinil, otherwise generally we recommend Lumonol. If these two are out of your price range and you feel like you can ‘take a risk’ consider trying Hordenine.

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Phosphatidylserine For Insomnia and Weight Loss

Phosphatidylserine For Insomnia and Weight Loss


To control the levels of cortisol in bodies a new supplement has been introduced in the market which has been a focus of peoples’ attention, known as Phosphatidylserine, also known as cortisol blocker (abbreviated Ptd-L-Ser or PS) is an important phospholipid membrane component of the cell. It is present in all cells of the body, it is naturally existing complex. A key role is played by Phosphatidylserine in keeping cells healthy and functioning in the correct way they are supposed and to keep the communication between the cells going on. One of the subordinate functionalities of Phosphatidylserine are to suppress the harmful effects of surplus cortisol running through human system. How does Phosphatidylserine helps as cortisol blocker; its benefits and side effects would be explained after we get familiar with the concept of what actually cortisol does.

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol is an important sustaining adrenal hormone that helps in maintaining the consistent body and function of blood. It is important in regulating the responses of a human body in respect to the changes happen outside and inside the body. Since in manages the responses and all the responses of our body are basically controlled by our magical brain so cortisol is released by adrenal glands and is key in making decisions in “flight or fight” type of situations by running through our blood streams in our veins. Cortisol makes sure that our body has good alertness and cognitive performance; ensures that our body can react as fast as fast it possibly could to stay in tuned with the intensified energy levels. PS makes your brain to highlight some short term functionalities while some long term sustaining functionalities can be ignored for temporary basis. This is very vital in dealing with instantaneous complications. For instance; if a person loses their balance at the edge of stairs. At that time maintaining your balance to avoid falling down is more important than remembering some mathematical problem.

It is also known as stress hormone because it plays an important role in controlling the stress and other significant functionalities of the brain including central nervous system activation; maintaining glucose levels by maintaining metabolism of fat, protein and carbohydrates; heart and blood vessel contractions; immune responses. While being in the stressed environment as of ours, our bodies secrete so much cortisol that there is a rare time where our bodies get on the normal levels of cortisol. Which leads to a lot of health issues. With chronic stress one has higher levels of cortisol all the time and it causes slow healing of wounds, sleep patterns of a person get disrupted, thyroid malfunctions, hyperglycemia, impairs cognitive performance and immune functions, lowers bone density, aggravates aging processes,  hyper tension/ high blood pressure are seen as symptoms, it also causes mood turbulences such as depression and anxiety which damage the cells; decreased muscle mass and increased abdominal fat, that eventually results in overall weight gain, high cholesterol which in case causes heart attacks and strokes. Addition to all of this elevated levels of cortisol cause fatigued adrenal gland by the continuous secretion of the hormone, low energy levels, and morbid obesity and memory problems often like Alzheimer’s disease.

Phosphatidylserine Blocks Cortisol

Phosphatidylserine exists naturally in all cells, it is a type of fat/ lipid called phospholipid which is present in each and every membrane of each and every cell present in everyone’s body. It is known to block the harmful effects of superfluous cortisol. It acts as a gateway device between the two cells. A source and a moderator of the cellular communications happening between cells and in and out transfers of the materials. Phosphatidylserine is produced by human body itself in a limited and small amount to make sure that our bodies don’t get deficient and the amount is enough to maintain overall health but not in accordance to the cortisol produced by our body.

The intensity of the harmful effects of surplus cortisol can be altogether eliminated by phosphatidylserine, if the amount of excess cortisol is less and effects are less diverse; if not so they can be pretty much suppressed by using phosphatidylserine. Phosphatidylserine hormone is also widely known as “cortisol blunting supplement” because it reduces the sharp effects of cortisol to ensure that the cells of our body keep on functioning in the regular way in which they are supposed to work and does not kill our immune system. It can improve the mood by reliving anxiety and stress by controlling and balancing hormones levels of our brain. Since it is a natural supplement so it is considered to better performing and relatively safe to use for mood disorders and anxieties. It can also ease insomnia and stimulate better sleep and sleeping habits. Since it also helps in controlling the cholesterol which in turn somehow supports and promote weight loss. Phosphatidylserine levels can fall significantly or get depleted if a person is highly stressed, which is why this supplement seems exclusively important to maintain proper levels of cortisol and phosphatidylserine whenever a person is exposed to any type of stressing activities. To keep the cortisol levels under healthy controlled level, it is shown by studies that 400mg dosage of phosphatidylserine is utmost effective.

Using Phosphatidylserine when Exercising

The high performing athletes and body builders consider phosphatidylserine supplement one of the basic and most important part of their supplement regime. It helps and stimulates fast recovery from training sessions and while on tours for competitions where there are back to back events where the athlete has to perform without any gaps or rest days to recover. Exercising is considered to be one of the chief activities that promote the release of cortisol. That is mainly because the anaerobic exercises in which the involvement of muscles is at a high intensity for short period of times. For instance exercises like that of heavy weight lifting, jumping ropes, hill climbing, isometrics, any type of sprints including running and biking, in short any kind of rapid burst of hard exercises. These exercises place body under a lot of pressure and stress, from which the body needs to recover by producing as much cortisol as much it considers necessary. The people who exercise regularly usually have high levels of cortisol rather than those who exercise occasionally.

Phosphatidylserine capsules (like PS100) are helpful in reducing post workout exercise prompted production of cortisol. Those who are involved in regular athletic training and weight lifting, they see that recovery time reduces and the muscles repair faster and increases in muscle mass. Improved weight loss can also been seen in those who have been taking phosphatidylserine post workout rather than those who have not. The additional benefits of using Phosphatidylserine with moderate/ mild exercising to high intensity trainings can easily be seen. Phosphatidylserine supplement decreases the levels of cortisol and increases the levels of testosterone. The ratio between the production levels of testosterone and cortisol are often used by sport scientists to show as an indicator that how easy it would be for a person to gain muscle mass and lose fat, this phosphatidylserine supplement is good news for everyone who is involved in athletic or physical or weight training.

Who Else Should Take Phosphatidylserine?

Apart from the athletes or weight lifters this phosphatidylserine has precious benefits for the people from further groups. People who are working on a diet and for weight loss would notice the loss in cholesterol and fat; and in return healthy gain in muscle mass. As this phosphatidylserine supplement helps in fast loss which is forerunner of high levels of cortisol. As mental stress is primary trigger for the surplus production and release of cortisol; many of researches emphasize that mental stress is equally damaging and destructive, if not more than, as physical activity or exercise; weight training stress in terms of production and release of cortisol. Since it is very helpful with maintaining the balance of the cells so it helps in better functioning of brain and nervous system. It is effective for people with brain related matter.

People who have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, is a chronic condition marked by persistent inattention, hyperactivity, and sometimes impulsivity. ADHD begins in childhood and often lasts into adulthood can benefit from phosphatidylserine supplements.

Individuals identified as having obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) which is an anxiety disorder in which a person keeps on have unwanted and repeated thoughts, behaviors, ideas, sensations, their mind goes into over obsessed drive; or feelings that make them feel driven to do something; more of they are under a compulsion to do something. Often people try to get rid of compulsive behavior or obsessive thoughts but that provides only temporary relief not a permanent solution since the brain chemistry remains the same as of before and not performing the obsessive ceremonials, which might in turn make a person even more anxious and hence producing more cortisol.

Taking Phosphatidylserine for Alzheimer’s disease has shown to improve the symptoms after 6-12 weeks of treatment. However it might lose its effect in prolonged use or with individuals with severe symptoms.

Individuals diagnosed with insomnia, depression and other sleeping disturbances and problems all can benefit from taking a specific dosage daily of phosphatidylserine supplements for controlling  the levels of cortisol. The phosphatidylserine supplements can be paired with other supplements like that of inositol and choline for added benefits. Phosphatidylserine supplements also offer benefits which slow the aging processes and might even help in improving cognitive performance and brain activity.

Side Effects:

Phosphatidylserine is considered to be possibly safe supplement. Apart from the fact that phosphatidylserine helps in reducing insomnia, but with prolonged use of six months with the dose over 300 mg can cause insomnia and upset stomach, includes both diarrhea and constipation. There are some concerns that if the supplement has been made from animal source it might be source of transmitting diseases.

Additional Effects of Phosphatidylserine

A human brain is found to have the highest concentration levels of phosphatidylserine. It is estimated that whole human body contains approximately 60 grams of phosphatidylserine throughout, and it is considered that almost fifty percent of it is located in human brain. The neurons, basic building blocks of human’s central nervous systems and brain, have been known to have a lot of lipids to keep the communication between the cells smooth and going to protect the body from any misfortune, these lipids also protect  the neurons from getting damaged and affected. Phosphatidylserine supplements are considered to have almost 10 percent of the total lipid quantity of which the neurons are constituted of.

Apart from just maintaining the levels of cortisol phosphatidylserine also has several other additional benefits. There is compound called acetylcholine, a compound which occurs throughout the nervous system, in which it functions as a neurotransmitter. It is basically released by the neurons to facilitate the transmitting of the signals throughout the body to activate the muscles. If there is lack of acetylcholine in a body it has very dangerous effects on human body, from paralysis to in voluntary movement of muscles and parts of body like that in Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Once the phosphatidylserine enters the brains it has the ability of increasing the levels of acetylcholine; which is also related to memory, learning, processing of information and sustention of attention, controlled movement of muscles. Phosphatidylserine helps in increasing the obtainability of choline within neurons; since it is a predecessor of acetylcholine, since acetylcholine is an ester of acetic acid and choline. The brain cells need to metabolize glucose and by this way brain fuels the brains cells for many of millions of cellular functions or transmitting the signals and messages throughout the body which is happening every Nano second; Phosphatidylserine is the hormone that supports the metabolizing of glucose; it also increases the membrane surface reception sites of the cells that are responsible for receiving messages; this way phosphatidylserine helps in easing and increasing the communication between cells in human brain hence communication throughout the human body. Phosphatidylserine helps in increasing the indefiniteness of cell membranes increasing the ability of the cells to receive and send chemical signals.

All of these factors of Phosphatidylserine help in making a human body better. Lowering the levels of cortisol can make a lot of difference in an individual’s life; both physically and mentally makes an individual a better person. It helps in reducing a lot of brain related issues too.
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Top 5 Popular Diets

Top 5 Popular Diets

Welcome to my new site, my name is James. I was lucky enough to acquire this domain and hope to turn this gem of a domain into my new multi billion dollar diet training program (joke). Tracking your intake of nutrients, calories, supplements, herbs, and even other ODL’s is key to improving your health. To start we will discuss the top 5 diets that are the most popular now or I just think we should talk about and I will discuss what set’s them apart and why you should just go ahead and follow the one you think may work.

The Top Diets

  1. The Atkinsons Diet – Starting with the oldest diet, created originally by Dr. Atkinson in the 70’s told consumers to have a diet that was high in fat, moderate in protien and low on carbohydrates. This diet in my eyes works, but was frowned upon by the mainstream media and ‘proven’ not to work by all doctors alike, not realizing the studies or ‘proof’ they were citing were inconclusive and the real culprit happens to be sugar in the trial not fat per say. It goes back to the saying of correlation or causation.
  2. The BulletProof Diet – The Bulletproof diet in my eyes seems like it is built on top of the Atkinsons diet and the Paleo diet. Meaning it is high in fat, but more modernized (ironic) and looks to also incorporate anti-nutrients that can be detrimental to your health, so it aims at keeping you healthy for longevity purposes not for the sole purpose of loosing weight. This was developed by Dave Asprey.
  3. The Paleo Diet – The Paleo diet is the most mainstream diet at the moment and takes Atkinson’s diet into consideration and seems to be build on it, it recommends eating like the good old caveman days. Meaning non-GMO crops, light or uncooked vegetables and let’s you consume meat if grass fed (also like the Bulletproof Diet). This is the most popular diet and is not ‘as frowned upon’ by Dieticians and most people as it is not too ‘restrictive’.
  4. The Bodybuilders diet – The bodybuilding diet is a diet that for the most part does not care too much about Longevity but rather superficial appearance of health. This diet is actually not healthy as it is high in protien and requires one eat 4 – 6 meals a day not letting your digestive tract rest, which is shown to increase longevity (hello Intermittent fasting et al). The amount of meat and it’s source is not really cared for, and thus huge amounts of whey and casein protein is consumed by these ‘healthy folks’ not realizing casein contains the highest amount of toxins from non-grass fed cows, and not realizing anything dairy (for the most part) is highly inflammatory.
  5. The Standard American Diet (SAD) – The grand daddy of them all in terms of popularity and recommendations. The studies referenced by Doctors and Dieticans alike do not particularly focus on longevity but rather a ‘one size fits all’ strategy. The items recommended by the government which in turn pimped by Dieticians are considered sufficient enough to ward of disease rather then to overall help the general public feel healthy. This diet is high in carbs (hello Lobby groups! cheap food source), high in protein, and low in fats (as it is thought to cause heart disease, however healthy fats are good!) were not talking processed saturated fats. Looking at the recommendation of 250mg of Vitamin C, 1000IU of Vitamin D, it is well understood that the government is not really ‘active’ in keeping the population healthy, but just alive. Many universities and scholars have argued all these limits be increased and the entire dietary guidelines revisited.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my insights on the proper diet styles, stay tuned as to which diet I am on and what exactly it is that I eat. Even if you are following diet #6 (calorie restriction) you must eat the right foods and track your symptom and body’s progress daily.