Top 5 Popular Diets

Top 5 Popular Diets

Welcome to my new site, my name is James. I was lucky enough to acquire this domain and hope to turn this gem of a domain into my new multi billion dollar diet training program (joke). Tracking your intake of nutrients, calories, supplements, herbs, and even other ODL’s is key to improving your health. To start we will discuss the top 5 diets that are the most popular now or I just think we should talk about and I will discuss what set’s them apart and why you should just go ahead and follow the one you think may work.

The Top Diets

  1. The Atkinsons Diet – Starting with the oldest diet, created originally by Dr. Atkinson in the 70’s told consumers to have a diet that was high in fat, moderate in protien and low on carbohydrates. This diet in my eyes works, but was frowned upon by the mainstream media and ‘proven’ not to work by all doctors alike, not realizing the studies or ‘proof’ they were citing were inconclusive and the real culprit happens to be sugar in the trial not fat per say. It goes back to the saying of correlation or causation.
  2. The BulletProof Diet – The Bulletproof diet in my eyes seems like it is built on top of the Atkinsons diet and the Paleo diet. Meaning it is high in fat, but more modernized (ironic) and looks to also incorporate anti-nutrients that can be detrimental to your health, so it aims at keeping you healthy for longevity purposes not for the sole purpose of loosing weight. This was developed by Dave Asprey.
  3. The Paleo Diet – The Paleo diet is the most mainstream diet at the moment and takes Atkinson’s diet into consideration and seems to be build on it, it recommends eating like the good old caveman days. Meaning non-GMO crops, light or uncooked vegetables and let’s you consume meat if grass fed (also like the Bulletproof Diet). This is the most popular diet and is not ‘as frowned upon’ by Dieticians and most people as it is not too ‘restrictive’.
  4. The Bodybuilders diet – The bodybuilding diet is a diet that for the most part does not care too much about Longevity but rather superficial appearance of health. This diet is actually not healthy as it is high in protien and requires one eat 4 – 6 meals a day not letting your digestive tract rest, which is shown to increase longevity (hello Intermittent fasting et al). The amount of meat and it’s source is not really cared for, and thus huge amounts of whey and casein protein is consumed by these ‘healthy folks’ not realizing casein contains the highest amount of toxins from non-grass fed cows, and not realizing anything dairy (for the most part) is highly inflammatory.
  5. The Standard American Diet (SAD) – The grand daddy of them all in terms of popularity and recommendations. The studies referenced by Doctors and Dieticans alike do not particularly focus on longevity but rather a ‘one size fits all’ strategy. The items recommended by the government which in turn pimped by Dieticians are considered sufficient enough to ward of disease rather then to overall help the general public feel healthy. This diet is high in carbs (hello Lobby groups! cheap food source), high in protein, and low in fats (as it is thought to cause heart disease, however healthy fats are good!) were not talking processed saturated fats. Looking at the recommendation of 250mg of Vitamin C, 1000IU of Vitamin D, it is well understood that the government is not really ‘active’ in keeping the population healthy, but just alive. Many universities and scholars have argued all these limits be increased and the entire dietary guidelines revisited.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my insights on the proper diet styles, stay tuned as to which diet I am on and what exactly it is that I eat. Even if you are following diet #6 (calorie restriction) you must eat the right foods and track your symptom and body’s progress daily.

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